Went to the gym after I haven’t been for like 5 or 6 days.

I did a few sets of squats up to 205 and at first my legs were like “lolno” and I only broke 2 plates like 10 days ago so I wasn’t about to go for that much without a spot

but a kid I knew was there and offered to spot me so I figured what the fuck, worst case I can’t complete a rep. but I was actually able to do two sets at two plates only failing on the last rep.

So woo! Goes to show that even though I felt super weak it was 90% mental.

I know this is one of those “nobody cares but me” stories but what eva’

I can’t wait for football!

Even though I know the Bucs are in all likelihood going to get curb stomped by the Falcons with the whole world watching it’s the only TNF game we get.

Looking forward to:

  • running plays in goal line/3rd&Long situations
  • coaching so conservative your grandma would vote for it
  • a McCown interception
  • another starter getting injured
  • multiple McCown sacks
  • no pass over 10 yds (before YAC)
  • linebackers falling for every play-action
  • zero pressure on their qb

I hope Scotland gets its independence because fuck the English


Just made a Moscow Mule!

It’s Ginger beer, vodka, and lime juice.

It’s okay, but I think I made it way too strong since I’m getting drunk reeeeallly fast.




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