look me in the eye and tell me that none of the initials in “ITT Technical Institute” already stand for “technical” or “institute”


look me in the eye and tell me that none of the initials in “ITT Technical Institute” already stand for “technical” or “institute”

Why is the airport so cold?

Seriously it’s like 60 degrees in here.

Flight got delayed 2 hours.


I already fucking hate my family






Leaving early (4:00am) to fly to Vancouver and go on the cruise.


I know I’ll have fun and stuff and once I get back I’ll miss it but right now I don’t want to go.

I love hiking and sight seeing and the national park in Alaska should be incredibly beautiful but I don’t know what to expect on the cruise

Cruises seem all about hedonism and while I like getting blackout drunk, eating till I’m distended, and gambling as much as the next guy it’s not really my thing.

Blerg, hopefully it’s fun, either way I have to act like I’m having a good time and avoid family fights since my mom really put her all into planning this trip.

Gotta love when you realize just how not strong you really are, working my way up to squatting 2 plates (225 lbs) and some 6’0 adonis next to me is working 4 plates and change with no belt or spotter no problem, that’s 405+ lbs unassisted, that’s a fucking insane amount of weight, I thinks that’s outside of the theoretical max possible with my height and weight.

Blerg I have a long way to go.

Also this lightning storm outside is just too fake

It’s like the sound and light effects that movies use

Super bright flash of flicker of light, beat, loud clear canned thunder

I hate the consensus opinion on the climax of A Good Man Is Hard to Find

I don’t think the grandmother had an epiphany in her last moments but her touching the Misfit was an attempt to save herself, whether her intentions were in good faith is irrelevant. It was ultimately her actions which led to the death of her family.

The Misfit’s line of that she might have been a good woman “[If there had] been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life.” speaks to her true motives, that she needed the threat of her death to be coerced into any semblance of empathy in an attempt to save herself (and not her family).

Her moment of what appeared to be true empathy with the Misfit at the end, which shocked and confused him was just the last effort of a selfish woman to save her own skin.