Her Facebook seems real

Profile pic is with a guy that Facebook says is her fiancé

Either Russian or Eastern European since some comments are Cyrillic

What’s happening? The chances of me wanting to hook up with some rando from the Ukraine who creeped hard enough to find me when I’m on a sightseeing vacation with my family are slim to none

Plus it says she’s engaged so it’s probably not a hook up. Maybe she just wants to make friends?

First things first, I’m surrealist.

Salvador Dali (via crles)

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Please appreciate how weird this is

Uhhhh someone who I haven’t met and apparently works at this lodge just tried to friend me on Facebook

Who is she

How does she know my name

How’d she find my Facebook

Why would she friend me

Is this real life?

One crazy thing is like I’m middle class rich.

Like my mom planned this trip and it cost a fair amount, basically a shit ton.

But the people I’ve met on this trip are like trust fund and yacht club rich. It’s definitely an odd feeling talking with a family that are obviously millionaires.

What ever

No srsly if I know you let’s hang out

"A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know." - Diane Arbus

The first photo is what the little girls in the shining were based off of

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me snapchatting your girl


me snapchatting your girl

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So fucking tired

Went on some fun hikes and tours

When I get back I want to hang out with everybody I know